The Affair

The Goblin Affair, The Torturing, or simply The Affair, was an incident occurring at Glumpen Abbey eleven years ago.

In the early spring of 67 3C, Glumpen Abbey was beset by groups of goblins. Initially, the road leading out of GA was the primary focus of the goblins, but they soon discovered the Abbey itself and initiated what was essentially a starving-out of the community. For nearly a year, no one left GA save for one failed attempt to descend the falls without the aid of a bridge or footpath, which ended in the deaths of two GA residents, then Fray Embry and his daughter Clara.

Soon after, the Abbey was attacked directly by a large force of goblins, and six residents died defending the monastery, a devastating blow to a community so small. During the attack, a pair of goblins were captured in the hopes that they could be exchanged as part of a peace treaty.

High Fray Lila, however, believed that such an exchange could not be made, and that the full wrath of the local goblin tribes was about to descend on Glumpen Abbey. She created an executive order calling for the torture of the two goblins until they gave actionable intelligence. Being an executive order, it only needed the support of one other Fray in order to be passed, and Fray Grebo gave his during an emergency Session.

The remaining three Frays attempted numerous tactics to keep the order from passing, from standard filibustering to eventually barring the door in which Sessions are supposed to be held. This, however, also prevented many important decisions from being made, both financial and otherwise. The most important of these decisions was how to purchase new supplies from the passing merchants, who would be attempting to reach the Abbey within the next few days. The filibuster lasted two days before Lila was able to break down the barricade, after which point her order passed. It is worth noting that Lila attempted to also discuss and vote on the other unpassed motions concerning trade, but the opposing Frays were unwilling to cooperate. The goblins were tortured, but, as no one in the Abbey was properly trained for such a practice, they quickly died without giving any worthwhile intelligence.

The dead goblins were, in second executive order supported by Grebo, placed outside the Abbey as a warning to potential aggressors. Since then, the goblins have been peaceful. Whether the placement of the corpses was effective or if the goblins were simply demoralized by their losses in the attack on the Abbey is unknown. Fray Lila was asked to resign, and even though she would have needed Grebo and the other Four to vote against her in order to be unseated, she did so willingly. Her son Fray Mada, a vocal opponent of the torture order, was elected High Fray on the same day. Less than two weeks later, Grebo also resigned, and has not been heard from since.

In the last eleven years, Mada has begun to visit his mother in her Falls of Ixce retreat more and more, sometimes for weeks at a time. While Mada claims it is because her health is failing, the other Frays have largely deemed this inappropriate, and worry that her advice has become a pillar in Mada’s decision-making process.

The Affair

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