The Five Frays

The Five Frays, the Five, or the Frays are the five elected officials who govern Glumpen Abbey. They convene officially for Session on a weekly basis, and these meetings are open to the Abbey’s population.

On rare occasions, the Five will meet in closed Sessions, but the rest of the monastery generally disapproves of this, especially since The Affair.

The Five each have their own responsibilities, with the Head having the additional responsibilities that leadership entails: agriculture & livestock, treasury & trade, security & martial training, history & philosophy, and internal policy & law.

The Five are currently lead by Head Fray Mada, son of former Head Fray Lila, and a vocal opponent of many of her policies. He has recently taken criticism, however, for his long visits to her retreat at the Falls of Ixce. Mada is a half-elf of 75 years. Generally, he is tired. He takes the responsibility of leadership very seriously, and has adopted a “work hard, party harder” mentality in his older age, often leading festivities as fervently as he does Session.

Also composing the Five are;
Fray Kjinja, an elvish Loremaster of almost 400 years. He studied in the Great Library of Phlan for 100 years to earn his title, as per Elven tradition, and has also spent some decades in the libraries of Telos City, Palischuk, and Goliad. Some other races resent the fact that their lifespan prevents them from becoming Loremasters in the Elven fold, but no one can deny the superior knowledge that Elven longevity allows. Kjinja was alive to hear firsthand stories of the Tarrasque from the mouths of the survivors. Kjinja knows nearly everything about everything, but often forgets that other people may not be as interested or well-informed as him. He tends to talk at length about the historical context of any given moment, with long tangents that he forgets to fully explain.

Fray Gharkin is a middling Half-Orc farmer and horsemaster who took the Fray’s seat after Grebo’s resignation and The Affair. He came to Glumpen Abbey sixteen years ago, fleeing the Swamps and the rape he was accused of committing. According to him, he had taken a human lover, but when she was discovered to be bedding a Half-Orc, she accused Gharkin of rape. A tragically common tale in the Swamps. Gharkin is gruff with everyone, including his horses, though they are the only creatures to which he extends his affection. He spends whole days with them, sometimes neglecting his other agricultural duties in favor of teaching his steeds how to walk in new formations.

Fray Clara is an aging human monk who took the Fray’s seat after the death of her brother Embry, and after whom former Fray Embry’s daughter was named. Clara still carries the weight of her namesake’s death; she had been very close with her brother before his death, and while she’d had plans of joining the Frays, this was not how she wanted it. She has lived at Glumpen almost her entire life, working under the tutelage of her monk brother. More recently, she has begun seeking out Kjinja to learn about the history of the world, sometimes even sitting in on his lessons with Grond and the twins. She is pragmatic to a fault, using action as a source of comfort or mourning. This can often give the impression that she is cold, but within her is an intense compassion.

Fray Glasce is a young male human who was reluctantly elected to oversee internal policy & law in lieu of willing leaders of an appropriate age. He is small in all ways—perpetually anxious and sad. He came to Glumpen only five years ago after his house in the Swamps was burned down and his family killed by lightning. He does his job well, and always attends whatever morale-boosting activity or ceremony is planned. The most devout of all the Frays (or residents) of Glumpen, he goes to Gathering every day, sometimes twice a day, to worship St. Cuthbert.

The Five Frays

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