Glumpen Abbey

A small, quiet monastery buried in the Valley of the Falls, in the furthest reaches of the West Galena Mountains, this abbey serves as a place of residence for about 30 religious and racial refugees. Many of those residing at Glumpen are either escaped slaves, those who have been persecuted for acting out against slavery in Vassa and Galena, or both.

Glumpen.jpgThe low population of the monastery means that it sees little in the way of cultural or material exchange. Approximately once per month, traveling merchants cross the footbridges to sell food and other basic supplies in exchange for the monks’ handmade books, silks, etc.
The monastery is governed ostensibly by The Five Frays, the Head of whom is Fray Mada, but he continues to answer to his aged (and, some claim, mentally unfit) mother, the former Fray who was asked to step down over 11 years ago after The Affair.

Glumpen Abbey, seen here in the upper right, sits atop a cliff with a spectacular view of the Falls, though few are ever able to see it. Religious pilgrims occasionally make the journey up to the Abbey, but the journey takes multiple days of hard climbing and the nearest saleable goods are as far away.


Glumpen Abbey

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